DEFI100 FARMS is a Yield Farming and Staking platform in the DEFI100 ecosystem where people can stake their PanCakeSwap LP tokens for farming or Vaults to stake and earn xD100 through high APY pools.

What is DEFI100 Farms?

DEFI100 Farms is a new Yield Farming and Staking platform on Binance Smart Chain by DEFI100. By Staking PCS LP Tokens in the multiple farms available and single tokens in the vaults, users will be able to earn xD100 as a reward from our high APY pools.

How are initial xD100 Tokens distributed?

The initial supply of xD100 is 100,000 Tokens. Out of 100,000 xD100 tokens that were initially minted, 50,000 tokens were distributed to the D100 token holders as per their percentage of holding of D100 Tokens. 35,750 xD100 tokens were sent to ValueDefi farming pool, where xD100 liquidity providers can earn xD100 Tokens by providing liquidity on PanCakeSwap to the xD100-BUSD pair. 5000xD100 tokens are sent to provide initial liquidity on the PanCakeSwap and the remaining tokens were sent to Hotbit for Market Making and other competitions that will be organized on the Hotbit exchange where xD100 Token will be listed on 12th March 2021.
The distribution of the xD100 tokens has been a fair distribution to reward the 8500+ strong DEFI100 community.

What are the Tokenomics of xD100?

Name: DEFI100 Farms Symbol: xD100 Initial Supply: 100,000 xD100 Decimals: 18 Type: BEP-20
xD100 is a Token that can be generated through farming and staking. There is no cap on the maximum supply of xD100, just like other Farming tokens.

What is the use of xD100 Token and its requirement in the D100 environment?

DEFI100 Farms will be an important component of the D100 environment. Like any other farming protocol token, xD100 has multiple use cases as follows:
Governance - xD100 will be the governance token for D100 & xD100 protocol. Farming - xD100 can be used for farming and earning more xD100 by staking it in vaults or by providing liquidity and farming the LP tokens. Trading - Trade the xD100 tokens that you have bought or earned through staking and farming on exchanges where xD100 is traded. Investment - Store xD100 tokens as an investment. Payment - Use xD100 tokens for payment. Besides the above use cases, the xD100 ecosystem will also be working to improve the D100 Environment. The revenue or the income generated through DEFI100 Farms for the protocol will be used to market buy D100 tokens and burning them by sending them to burn address, thus making D100 deflationary token.

At what price the xD100 will be listed?

xD100 will be listed on PanCakeSwap and Hotbit in March 2021. The listing price for xD100 will be $1 on PanCakeSwap where the first pool will be created by providing 5000 BUSD + 5000 xD100 Tokens, thus making the trading price $1 per token.

What will happen to D100 after xD100 is launched?

D100 & xD100 are both different tokens with their respective purpose. xD100 use cases are functions that are separate from that of the D100 token. Therefore both project will remain functional and launch of xD100 in no ways effect the D100 tokens. On the contrary, it will be used to support the D100 environment.

Is xD100 also a rebase token?

No, xD100 is a normal token with primary use case as a yield farming protocol.

When will the Farms and Vaults be available for staking & farming?

xD100 Farms & vaults will be available within 10 days from the launch of xD100 tokens. The initial pools will be focussing on creating liquidity for xD100 and D100 tokens. After launch, more farming pools will be added to the platform.

What are the requirements for getting xD100 airdrop?

xD100 tokens are airdropped to all the token holders of D100 tokens, who were holding their D100 tokens as of 2 pm UTC 11 March 2021. The Tokens are distributed in the same percentage as per the holding of D100 tokens after removing tokens held in dead address, ecosystem reserve wallet, and liquidity pool wallet.
The formulae used for the calculation of the number of xD100 for an airdrop is as follows:
airdrop=xairdrop = x
Where x = 50000 * percentage of individual holding of D100 Tokens.
If the total holding of an individual is D100 is 1%, then he will get 1% of 50,000 tokens available for the airdrop.

Will there be any other airdrop in the future?

No. Since the total tokens available have been fairly distributed between D100 token holders, to provide initial liquidity, for Staking rewards and market-making activity on Hotbit, the initial supply of xD100 token is exhausted completely. No tokens have been kept as reserves for future airdrops or any other purpose.

How will xD100 generate revenue? How the revenue generated to be utilized?

xD100 Farming pools will charge a one-time minimal fee of 0.5% for farming or staking on xD100 farming protocol. This will be the source of generating revenue for the project.
Revenue generated will be utilized for maintenance of the protocol, which shall include payment of the fees related to servers, hosting, audits and marketing. Besides these overheads, the significant amount of revenue generated will be used by the team for market buying D100 tokens, and burning them.

What are future milestones planned for xD100?

A detailed roadmap will be made available soon on the official website that will show the things planned for the improvement of the xD100 ecosystem.
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